Art & Craft

UCV heartily works to uplift traditional art and craft practices by supporting and preserving the integrity and tradition that forms the inherent character of folk art.

Pauva - Art Gallery

UCV provides spaces for art and craft enthusiasts. Artists can use this space to display high-end art and crafts developed either at the property or outside. This space creates an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work, especially encouraging local artists.

Leela - Amphitheater

As the name suggests, Leela encompasses all forms of performance arts and experiences. The amphitheater is an open-air venue that is being used for various entertainment programs, cultural performances, and events.

Batika - Garden of Arts

An open-air exhibition, Garden of Arts, exhibits exquisite pieces of artwork made of ceramic, glass, clay, and stone that molds with the environment and blends into the natural perception. Batika is an added attraction of UCV where art enthusiasts, tourists, students, and cultural seekers can gain inspiration and rejuvenate from these experiences. UCV welcomes art practitioners or anyone that is inclined in arts to partake in the creative endeavor and create a holistic environment that will encompass a gamut of arts, cultivating a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

Nisarga Sayar - Art Walkways

Nisarga Sayar, the walkways amidst the spread in UCV offers nature and cultural walks through an open-air gallery along a defined route with lotus ponds and different types of art installations. These installations are co-created by some of the finest Nepalese artists.

Craft Museum

Craft Museum holds the story of Nepalese crafts- a visual narrative classified into ancient, medieval, and modern. Based on this concept of a timeline, the museum in UCV is an endeavor to showcase the relevance of history, demography, and socio-economic factors in the edification of arts and crafts in Nepal. It is a curation of a space that will speak about how the arts/crafts in Nepal evolved and came to be defined in the context of culture and consists of the evolution of different crafts of Nepal. The collection reflects the continuing traditions of handicrafts and handlooms, with artifacts such as textiles, metal crafts, sculpture, jewelry, silverwork, stone-works, woodworks, folk/tribal paintings, bamboo craft, clay, terracotta, figures, and many more.

Nepal Crafts

"We support the local makers and designers"

Unnati itself translates for prosperity, thus we have a space dedicated to supporting the local makers and designers, establishing the passionate belief of providing economical sustainability to Nepalese artists, makers, and designers. Hence, the brand “Unnati” is created and promoted for product range development and boasts tiers of production to cater the various levels of buyers looking at the quality and the fineness of the product.

The Atelier

UCV offers creative studio space dedicated to training related to design and innovation. Over the past years, Unnati has invested in designing and delivering training to artisans and groups. These training can be categorized as skills training; training for mobilization and formation of artisan groups; training for quality control, finishing, and capacity building. UCV aims to build artisans’ production capacities through training, design inputs, and providing market linkages, and create entrepreneurs.