Capacity Building for Training and Consulting
2020-06-16 to 2020-06-20

Hosting Institution: Chaudhary Foundation

Cosponsor: World Bank

Training Medium: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Session Hours: 21 Hours

Date: 16 - 25 June 2020


Chaudhary Foundation's virtual workshop on Capacity Building for Training and Consulting, in collaboration with Mera Maan Pvt Ltd. Pakistan was held to inspire the Foundation team along with its partners to think ‘out of the box’ and aspire to offer a range of training programs, for a varied target audience. The workshop introduced a wide range of training materials, mythologies, visualization, and handbook formats that benefitted the team to identify themselves as a trainer, designing module, and consulting firm through a newly expanded set-up.


The 21 hours of intensive training served as a Crash Course with five different sessions; Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Socio-Economic Leadership Development Program for Adolescent Girls, Farming as a Business, Financial Literacy, and Gender Action Learning System (GALS). The sessions exposed the participants to different courses, building concepts on entrepreneurship development, consumer’s rights and responsibilities, improving productivity for small hand holding farmers, budgeting, and marketing at the national and international level. The courses were very practical – not so technical – easy to understand that can be relevant for both literate or no literate audience and them having knowledge or no knowledge about personal entrepreneurial competencies.


Chaudhary Foundation through its Unanti initiative has established a common platform, Unnati Cultural Village - an art and craft hub, where urban and rural, and national and international artists of various forms can co-work and co-create creativity. Thus, the Capacity Building for Training and Consulting workshop will provide an advantage of the opportunity for the participants to practice module design and consulting firm.