Design Training: TOT C1 Program
2020-09-14 to 2020-09-25

Hosting Institution: Chaudhary Foundation

Hosting Project: Unnati

Training Medium: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Date: 14 September – 25 November, 2020


Over the years, Unnati has invested in designing and delivering training to artisans and artisan groups. In line with that, Unnati in collaboration with the Academy of Design (AOD) - Colombo organized virtual Design Training: TOT C1 Program for Unnati’s identified Master-Trainers. The training delivered 10 sessions, with 3 hours credit per week starting from 14 September – 25 November 2020. The seated Master Trainers are traditional and contemporary craftsperson, taking shape through multiple contexts and diverse expressions, yet always within a culturally located framework rather than as direct derivations of western ideologies. The TOT C1 program provided an opportunity for them to study across a broad range of design elements including Fundamentals of Design, Mixed Media, Technical Application, etc. Through the training, Master Trainers developed knowledge in areas of designing, marketing, branding, and communication; being closely guided through a rigorous pedagogical practice that will build on core teaching skills to inspire others. 


Unnati in the future will invite Master Trainers to Unnati Cultural Village (UCV) to train the local artists based on their specialization. Trainers’ manuals, participant handbooks, handouts, and presentations will be prepared for the training. Besides, Unnati will create & consume products from local ecosystems for mass consumption, encouraging local patronage and pride towards homemade, homegrown authentic products and services.


Unnati Cultural Village shall continue the product lines introduced by Unnati. “Unnati” brand will be engaged in the sale and promotion of craft and services which is the only source of livelihood for women and their families in rural areas of Nawalparasi and beyond. Unnati will also provide front-end marketing for the developments in the back-end to efficiently link the cluster organizations development by the project to international, national, and local markets thus, supporting the arts, crafts, and culture of Nepal.