Guest Spaces

UCV assembles unique components, inhabiting forgotten folklore with bags of character inspired by the local Tharu community and surroundings, from the buzz of the capital. UCV provides an exclusive space for art enthusiasts to be inspired and express themselves with freedom and creativity.

Kala - An Art Hotel

The Art Hotel is an exclusive hotel space with a special arrangement for experiencing the delights of Fine Arts. The high-end craft interiors, charming accommodation, and a first-hand experience of creating one's own masterpieces create a memorable experience for any traveler or art enthusiast.

  • Rooms: 1 master bedroom and 2 deluxe rooms at the hotel. The rooms are rented out to any customers who seek a rejuvenating time in the middle of the mango groves in an authentic Nepalese-style building.
  • Artspace: The open space in the Art hotel is used as an open art laboratory, for art enthusiasts to dabble with colors and imagination inspired by the idyllic seeing. The artworks created can be taken back as a souvenir.
Bodhi Van

Bodhi Kunja provides a space for artists to be inspired and express themselves with freedom and creativity. UCV offers a tranquil and inspiring environment to get their creative juices flowing as elements of culture, engagement with nature, and meditation space as a source for inspiration.

  • Rooms: 2 deluxe bedrooms, with private space for relaxation.
  • Open Courtyards: The open courtyards serve as a place to imagine and create or relax reading and writing.

The open studio space and an outside porch stand on the lotus pond are ideal for creative seekers and tourists alike.

Dehari - Tharu Ghar

Beautiful Tharu Ghar in the village setting with 5 rooms is named after festivals celebrated by the Tharu community;

  • Jitiya: a festival celebrated by married women
  • Faguwa: Holi - the festival of colors
  • Maghi: Tharu New Year
  • Anat: historical shepherd game
  • Amosa: Ancestor Worship Festivals

The comfy environment of Tharu Ghar is a home away from home – a thatched roof and a wall full of sketches representing the traditional life of the Tharu region, each uniquely crafted by local artisans. Visiting artists or any other guests are accommodated in the Tharu Ghar.

Atithya Multipurpose Block

Atithya is a multipurpose block in UCV with rich ethnic decor, foods, and hospitality to make any occasion special. It has its own grand entrance set, lotus ponds, and indigenous crafts. It is a separate component of UCV designed for guests, tourists, and families seeking memorable hospitality experiences. This space is ideal for corporate retreats, festivities, ceremonies, and celebrations, with a standing capacity of 200 people.