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Platform to showcase the best forms of indigenous livelihoods of the Inner Terai


Unnati Cultural Village sits amidst the idyllic setting of Devchuli & Barchuli Hills of Nawalpur, Nepal. Spread across approximately 54,180 square meters, the landscape and gardens give way to lush litchi and mango plantations and scenic lily ponds. Various components related to the field of arts, crafts, culture, and cuisine have come together to celebrate the ethnic diversity of Nepal at Unnati Cultural Village.

The multi-faceted projection of UCV is primarily focused on creating an unforgettable experience and ambiance for the visitors, and elevating one’s love for culture and aesthetics. From an Art hotel that flaunts the beauty of traditional architecture to a Tharu village that encompasses several aspects of the Tharu livelihood, UCV also is integrally built around the idea of housing artists and hosting residencies, exhibitions, and events to promote the art and craft fraternity. Additionally, with a wonderfully grown vegetable garden juxtaposed with a walkway showcasing art installations co-created by some of the finest artists in Nepal, the vision of UCV keeps growing stronger and is ever-evolving.


Establish a common platform as a symposium of design where urban and rural; national and international artists of various forms can co-work and co-create creativity. To achieve this vision, UCV aims to revive cottage industries and indigenous livelihood practices. This includes various forms of arts, crafts, hospitality, organic farming, and traditional skills.

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